This is what happened when Barkha complained about Vodafone and BSNL give her a mind blowing reply!

Barkha Dutt NDTV Journalist was trolled badly on twitter by BSNL. The Telecom Company replied to a tweet by tagging Barkha Dutt where she was talking about the bad coverage about Vodafone (her existing network provider). Her Tweet was aimed at Vodafone rep on social media but BSNL ended trolling Barkha Dutt in a an awesome way.

Here is what she tweeted ,,

Then the vodafone replied

Problem unresolved:

Then BSNL came like a BOSS

And then comes the advise:

Gone are the times when BSNL was a third world, medieval mobile service provider. Now with the increasing digitization, it is surprising to see that even BSNL has become active on social media and is taking on Barkha like a boss. Under the Modi Government, BSNL has seen a lot of restructuring and has introduced several wonderful offers. Gone are the days when Government offices were only loss making enterprises. Under the Modi Government, BSNL has for the first time made a profit!