Epic VIDEO! If Rahul Gandhi watches this Video, he will leave this Planet for Sure!

Rahul Gandhi assured an earthquake but nothing happened! Now Rahul Gandhi and his team must watch this video and introspect themselves.

A day after Rahul Gandhi hurled corruption charges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday mocked at him, asking where was the “earthquake” the Congress leader had been threatening. But an unrelenting Gandhi reiterated his allegations.

“There is a youth leader in the Congress who has just learnt to speak. I am glad he has started to speak now,” the Prime Minister said sarcastically at an event at the Banaras Hindu University, triggering loud cheers.

“In 2009, it was very difficult to find out what was inside this packet. Good he has started speaking.

“Had he not spoken, the county would have faced a big earthquake. And the country could not have recovered for 10 years,” Modi added in his Lok Sabha constituency.

Gandhi had been threatening for days to make damning disclosures against Modi that he said would cause an “earthquake”. On Wednesday, he said in Gujarat that Income Tax documents showed Modi took bribes from corporates when he was the state Chief Minister. But the supreme court has already rejected these claims by Rahul Gandhi and now he may have to face supreme court!