Do not interfere in the internal matters of India! India’s strong warning to Islamic Countries!

Taking umbrage to a resolution adopted by the world’s largest Muslim bloc – Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) on Kashmir during its recently concluded session, India on Wednesday said that it has no “locus standi” to comment on its internal matter and asked it to refrain for commenting on it future.

OIC has been used by Pakistan to rally international opinion against India on the issue of Kashmir. The OIC countries, which includes Pakistan, have been proving to be a diplomatic challenge for New Delhi seeking to isolate Islamabad on international forums. During its 43rd session of its Council of Foreign Ministers in Tashkent, they adopted a resolution toeing Pakistan’s line.

“We note will extreme regret that the OIC has again chosen to comment on India’s internal affairs during the 43rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in Uzbekistan on 18-19 October,” Ministry of External Affairs’ (MEA) Spokesperson Vikas Swarup said on Wednesday. “The OIC has no locus standi on India’s internal affairs. We further advise the OIC to refrain from making such references in future,” Swarup added. The OIC resolution, while invoking the UN Charter regarding the sanctity people’s right of self-determination, asked for implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

It also called for plebiscite in the state. This has not been the first time that OIC has commented on Kashmir, which it contends to be the “core” issue between India and Pakistan. The OIC has considerable political influence as most of the countries have rich energy resources and have permanent delegation to the United Nations and the European Union. Swarup said that certain portions of the resolution was incorrect.

“Certain resolutions adopted at the conclusion of the Session contain factually incorrect and misleading references to matters internal to India, including the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral part of India. We out rightly reject all such references,” the MEA Spokesperson said. OIC has 57 member states and some of the Islamic countries have strong bilateral ties with India.

And this has been baffling for New Delhi as it sees a gap between what some of these member countries tell it in private and the stance of the organisation. India had raised the issue with President of Egypt Abdel Fattah Al Sisi when he visited India in September. But President Sisi refrained from commenting anything on Kashmir and did not break the consensus of OIC.