Digvijay Singh’s Dirty Trick Exposed! Here is how he tried to split BJP!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading a majority government in Lok Sabha is the result of the efforts of BJP veterans Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani, Congress leader Digvijay Singh today said. After the foolish statement of Rahul Gandhi on demonetization, this is the second time a senior congress leader trying to divert core issues by making unnecessary comments on Prime Minister and the BJP. It seems they want to see split in the BJP camp

Citing Advani’s rare outburst in the House on repeated disruption of parliamentary proceedings over demonetisation, he said the BJP veteran is “hurt” by Modi’s way of working “not consulting others”. But he forget the fact that Indian National congress barely consult its leaders or workers when it comes to crucial policy matters, Gandhi family’s kitchen cabinet was responsible for all the major corruptions in India.

The Congress general secretary said Advani’s contribution in Jan Sangha, Janata Party and BJP is comprehensive and cannot be ignored. Well this can be considered as praising your own enemy for immediate result but Digvijay singh must know its not going to work out in favor of congress as Advani is a very learned person who is well aware of congress strategies.

Then Digvijay did not forget to praise the Atal Advani duo, Through this he wants to tease the Modi Shah combo!”It is the result of the Atal-Advani team that Modi has been able to become the Prime Minister of a majority government,” Singh told PTI.

He said the kind of treatment meted out to Advani is known to everybody. “The way Modi ji is having his way on everything and taking decisions without consulting others has left Advani ji pained.”

Advani on Wednesday blamed both the ruling and Opposition benches for the continued deadlock in parliamentary proceedings and even pulled up the Speaker and Parliamentary Affairs Minister for “not running the House”.

When asked about President Pranab Mukherjee expressing anguish over paralysis in Parliament, Singh said, It (the government) does not want any discussion on demonetisation in the House. There is so much chaos due to the move and the government is caught in its own plan. That is why it is shying away from the discussion and indulging in rhetorics to obstruct the course of the discussion.”

In a stinging attack on the Opposition, Mukherjee had on Thursday remarked that Parliament is not a place for dharna and disruption which amounts to “gagging of a majority” by the minority.

“The Modi government is finding itself caught in its own demonetisation decision and is, therefore, trying to create situations in which discussions cannot be held,” Singh claimed.

Suggesting that a discussion under Rule 184 (which entails voting) is the only way to break the deadlock, he added, “Once voting is done, everything will be clear.”

When BJP has a majority in Lok Sabha why is it shying away from voting under Rule 184, he wondered.