Chinese secret is out! Do you know why they are opposing India sealing its Borders With pak?

China feels by sealing the borders India will be emboldened to create more problems in P.O.K. , Gilgit Baltistan and Baluchistan, where it’s CPEC passes. By sealing of the borders by India, the goods of China may not be able to be sent to India through this road. Hence the CPEC road becomes underutilized. China very well knows that Pakistan cannot develop economically as a viable alternative at any time and is targeting its utility for India.

Indian market is growing and will eventually may even overtake China. At present the export of goods to India exceeds US $60 billions and it’s Imports US $11.9 billion, making India one of its important trading partner. The silk road will come in handy. China wants to develop its province Xinjiang which is landlocked. China does not have any trust on Pakistan which is duplicitous and talked with forked tongue. They know the sufferings of US. They believed India will be their trading partner. But the sealing of the border bellied their beliefs.

Even if they trade with Pakistan, the debt ridden State which at any moment may go broke, China may be left with servicing Pakistan’s debt. During 1990 when Pakistan undertook economic liberalization and reforms and opened up its economy, the economy did show only deceleration or stagflation which continued unabated when all other economies in the neighborhood showed positive growth year on year. Hence China is wary of depending only on Pakistan.