Building Chhatrapati Shivaji Memorial is a “waste of money” or not? Read to Know

Opposition and secularists have criticised the government for spending 3600 crores just for building the Shivaji Memorial while poverty is still our enemy to battle. It’s true but poverty cannot be eradicated just by cutting off our budgets on something and giving away that money to pauper for free. Instead of viewing things in a narrow vision, let’s see this from a broader perspective.

The fundamental way to eradicate poverty is, through a steady source of employment and income and not by any distribution of free money, and this project would give employments and income at the same time getting a historical and cultural Monument:-

(a) Building the Shivaji Memorial could be a big tourist spot thus becoming a local attraction luring local, national and international tourists.

(b) Huge employment opportunities will be provided by this project to local people such as labours, vendors, small restaurants, food sellers, etc. effectively people with lower income.

(c) Several misguided fishermen holding agitation against the project were made to understand that there will be no roadways to the memorial. This would mean visitors will have to reach the memorial only by boats which would eventually be run by these fishermen only.

(d) This project is considered to be a green project as it would be built with the waste excavated for building 33.5-km-long Colaba-Seepz underground METRO line. 5–6 million cubic meter of hard rock will be carved out for building stations and the tunnel when further trodden will supply 10–12 million cubic meter of sand to be eventually used for this project.

(e) After completion of the project, it will have the capacity to host more than 10,000 people. So, planning, managing, touring and guiding tourists will need manpower.

Considering these positive aspects the project will certainly provide income to many people. This project will serve as a source of livelihood for scores of people.