BRIC summit in Goa is under terror Threat from Pakistan! Chinese president is also under threat!!

New Delhi: The Intelligence inputs have reportedly issued a warning that Pakistan-backed terrorists might carry out an attack between October 12 and 14 in Goa, just days before BRICS Summit kicks off in the state.  According to an ‘India Today’ report, the terrorists from across the border are planning an attack in Goa just before the BRICS Summit, in retaliation to India’s surgical strikes across the Line Of Control (LoC) against their terror launch-pads.

The BRICS and BIMSTEC Summit, scheduled to take place on October 15- October 16 in Goa will be attended by heads of 11 states, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The summit is scheduled to be held on October 15-16 in Goa whereas intelligence intercepts between handlers across the border and terrorists holed up in Maharashtra has put the Ministry of Home Affairs on a high alert.

The MHA has reportedly asked the K9 teams of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) to secure the venues and the hotel that rooms the BRICS leaders. Amid threat perception and intelligence raising alarm, the report said after the failed SAARC Summit in Islamabad, Pakistan’s ISI and terrorists are desperately trying to ensure that BRICS becomes a failure in Goa. Meanwhile, terrorist slipper cells have been activated and asked to deploy themselves in Goa and hit a tourist spot in the state ahead of the BRICS Summit. According to another input from Intelligence agency, terrorists might also carry out a sea-borne attack in Goa, on the lines of 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

Earlier today, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval chaired a meeting with the senior Navy, Coast Guard officials and other agencies to review the security arrangements in the state in view of the terror shadow on the BRICS Summit. It was reported that multi-level security arrangements have been put in place for ground air and water.