Breaking! India Today just Predicted a Massive Result in UttaraKhand, You will be shocked to know the Results!

Uttarakhand is one of the five states that goes into an assembly election on February 15 and it is a crucial election for BJP. As per a survey, it appears that BJP is taking a massive mandate to win the election in the state.

According to India Today-Axis opinion poll, the saffron party is likely to win 41-46 seats in the 70-member Assembly in Uttarakhand. Whilst Congress could gain 18-23 seats leaving Others to bag 2-6 seats.

In terms of vote share, 45 percent of the vote share could be for BJP and for Congress 33 percent. Others would probably end with 22 percent. However, a popular choice is torn up between Harish Rawat and BC Khanduri. 44 percent respondents want Khanduri to be the CM on the other hand 42 percent favoured Harish Rawat.

When questioned about PM Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move, 79 percent claimed the note ban as a good move while 19 percent people termed it as a bad move.

Other likely issues for elections such as Inflation, corruption and employment have 16 percent, 13 percent and 12 percent respectively.

The Election Commission has announced that assembly elections in Uttarakhand, UP, Punjab, Goa and Manipur will be organised between February 4 and March 8. It also notified that polling will be done is seven phases in Uttar Pradesh, but in Uttarakhand, Punjab and Goa, it will be a one-day affair. For Manipur, it will be a two-day exercise. Counting of votes will be taken up together in all the states on March 11.