Breaking! Arvind Kejriwal Caught in a Massive Scam

Arvind Kejriwal, who is known for his speech against corruption and pitching about transparency in the government, has now been caught by the Income Tax for submitting a false report to the election commission.

It seems that Kejriwal’s cover has blown. For a long time, he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons such as corruptions, hawala transactions, molestation of women and sex scandals.

A few days ago, Yamini Gomer and several AAP members left the party stating that they were denied tickets but were given to businessmen who would give crores of rupees for the party. Now latest news report states that many international agencies are giving huge donations to Kejriwal, however, some of these agencies are anti-national agencies.

Under the section 13 A of the Income Tax Act of 1951, every political party are exempted from taxes but are liable to show proper documentation for any source of money, exceeding Rs. 20,000. However, AAP has failed to present proper documentation to Income Tax.

It was found that the party has not filed any report on donations received above Rs. 20,000 in October this year. The department sent summons four times but AAP has not responded to the letters. Interestingly, the party removed the list of donations made to the party from their website.

The move was criticised by every person on social media. Even Anna Hazare slammed Kejriwal for hiding the names of the donators and asked him to reveal the names, to which, they said, the website is under maintenance and needs time to update the names of the donors. A few days ago, Kejriwal blatantly refused to reveal the names of the donors and the amounts.

Finally, on 14th of August, Income Tax department sent a final notice to AAP saying that the IT dept has cancelled exemption provided under the 13A of the Income Tax Act as the details of donations are not disclosed.

Within a day, the treasurer of the AAP wrote a letter to Election Commission with a fable story of some error on the 30th September 2014, for the financial year of 2013-2014, and now it has submitted the revised report.

Speculations are being raised about the authenticity of the report. It is alleged that AAP had submitted a fake report to the Election Commission and uploaded a whole different list on the website hiding all the details.