Big Warning from Narendra Modi! Reveal black money or Face surgical strike against it!!

Narendra Modi has given a direct warning to all black money hoarders who are still reluctant to reveal their money sources! Using the analogy of surgical strikes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday wondered what would have happened if the government had adopted similar strategy in the recent campaign against blackmoney, which unearthed Rs 65,000 crores.

PM further said  “We gave some time to those who had generated black money (to declare it). You will be happy to know that Rs 65,000 crore in black money came into mainstream with payment of tax and penalty. “Now think, Rs 36,000 crore that was leaking has been stopped (by direct benefit transfer), and Rs 65,000 crore of black money is unearthed, together it is Rs one lakh crore. “And this Rs one lakh crore has been brought back without launching surgical strikes,” Modi said, invoking the term used for recent operation by Army against terror launch pads in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

“If we do surgical strikes (in this area), you can imagine what all will come out,” the Prime Minister said. Modi said he has put up a sustained fight against corruption since he took charge. “Against corruption, without much publicity I have put up a sustained fight. Government’s assistance (now) goes directly in the bank accounts of beneficiaries, cutting out middlemen. “Just by ensuring that right person gets the benefit and wrong person cannot take it, we have saved Rs 36,000 crore, which used to leak in the form of (subsidies for) gas cylinders, scholarship, pension,” Modi said.