Big News! America Interfering in Bangladesh for Hindus! Watch Video of Tulsi Gabbard

Source Hindu sentinel
It is widely reported that America is very serious about the persecution of Hindus in bangladesha and planning to interefere diplomatically, if it doesnt work planned strategies will be formulated ..Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard has slammed the Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh, even as the Government of Narender Modi is yet to utter a strong word on the alarming escalation of assaults by Islamists.

In a surprisingly candid decry for a Democratic Party Representative, Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t mince her words capturing the horrific scale of violence and violation of human rights of thius minority, ‘the size a dozen European countries” as she puts it in “a nation just the size of State of New York”.

Shaming the Indian secularists, both politicians and Mainstream media, who are yet to voice such a blunt but sincere narrative, she lists the atrocities of “ forced conversions to Islam, abductions, land grabbing and beheadings of Hindu priests” she calls world attention to “ the Hindus living in Perpetual Terror”.

While BJP ‘the largest democratic party in the world’ that runs this Government of India, had so far stated nothing comparable. Its Prime Minister Narender Modi never mentioned any of this during his Dhaka visit even as he doled out a Billion bucks of tax payers’ money as aid- not even stipulated it would be contingent on improving the condition of Hindus.

While we must hail this outspoken American champion of minority and hindu rights, we must take to task this timid and shameful let down by this Modi regime of our Hindu society.

The MPs. Ministers, netas and babus of this Modi sircar are good to decorate a shop window like so many mannequins.

The superman Prime minister Jawaharlal Modi with his dandy makeup and school boy speeches must watch this speech of Tulsi Gabbard and learn how to stand for the hapless humanity of Hindus in Bangladesh.