Big Expose ! JNU Communist Leader who Raped a Girl was Regular Panelist on NDTV


This is a huge expose!

Anmol Ratan, the AISA activist who raped an M Phil student in his room happens to be the same person who used to appear on NDTV for debates and discussion regularly. He is a very prominent member of the AISA (All India Students’ Association) which is a left wing organization.

It’s now been confirmed that Anmol Ratan was always invited to speak on secularism, dalit atrocities on NDTV numerous times. Now it clearly shows how these FAKE DALIT activists use incidents like Rohit Vemula suicide, JNU Anti-National event to claim it as atrocities on Dalit and gain political mileage.

Now what should be the punishment to this CRIMINAL who claimed to be the voice of Dalits and raped a woman?? This revelation has shamed NDTV and made it more unpopular among people. There has been no debate, no discussion in NDTV about the JNU rape incident… why?? Is it because those people who claim to be the protectors of Dalits have been exposed??

What right do these people have to speak on Dalit atrocities or Human rights violations? This man should be given the most stringent punishment for misleading the people of the country. NDTV should bend its head in shame for protecting and providing platform for these criminals on National television. It’s a disgrace that such people are made heroes in NDTV!