Awesome! This is what Superstar Rajnikant tweeted to Modi on Currency Ban! Must Read

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic decision has destroyed the criminals, crooked politicians, black money hoarders, crooked business class and the hawala racket. Nobody ever expected something like this, even media. Obviously some people are unhappy.

People from all walks of life is supporting PM, bollywood, nationalist media, farmers, industrialists and students, everybody is supporting PM. Now here is what our superstar Rajnikanth said,,superstar Rajinikanth also tweeted . PM Modi is the only politician that Rajinikanth follows on Twitter and he had to say something over this move of Modi.

Here’s what he tweeted.


This tweet shows the importance of this historic decision and how much people wanted this to happen! At least our Prime Minister has the great courage to implement this and saved our nation from a biggest disaster !