Arvind Kejriwal tweeted something Against Modi and its the Most Hatred Comment Against PM!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking India forward with his unique ideas and developmental works! According to all latest opinion polls and surveys, people of this country is very much happy about what PM Modi is doing. Time and again he has made it clear that, he is all for development and development alone, he is not really interested in any kind of controversies.

Prime Minister has reiterated his stand on the issue of Triple Talaq by saying, its purely a developmental issue, and it has no connection with being Hindu or being Muslim. Its about giving equal rights to women in a democratic and progressive country like India.

Looks like his critiques have no sense while making false allegations against Prime Minister. One of the prominent critique of PM, Arvind Kejriwal hit a new low today. Avind Kejriwal’s lastest jobes against PM has earned him bad name in the country, even his own admirers started criticizing him for falsely accusing Prime Minster on silly issues. Today he has compared Triple Talaq issue with PM’s wife. This is one of the worst stand taken by kejriwal, instead of supporting the poor muslim women, this hypocrite is actually being vocal for the fanatics in the Muslim religion, This is what he tweeted..