Amazing! See Narendra Modi Government Came up With A Brilliant Scheme to Solve Power Crisis

We all know that power cuts are the most annoying problems we face and every time we curse the government for the miserable times. Politicians have always promised for the change and they fail to make a change. However, Narendra Modi Government has finally taken the matter into their hands and found a solution.

Recently, a news report claimed that one of Haryana’s power distribution companies has started functioning properly. The companies have recovered from the loss of Rs. 471 crore last year and now it has incurred a profit of Rs. 78 crores. Now the only question rings are, how did Haryana’s power company manage to do gain such profit from the debt-ridden company? The answer lies in Modi government’s intelligent scheme called UDAY-UJWAL DISCOM Assurance Yojana.

DISCOMs are power distribution companies which deliver electricity to our homes and these companies were running in losses for several years. These companies across India incurred Rs. 4 Lakh crores and these were a huge burden for India’s power sector.

To put an end to this issue, the UDAY scheme was launched which targeted the root cause of the losses, and the scheme has set of strict rules which can eliminate the losses gradually.

To understand the root cause of the problem, DISCOMs had to face the horrible government management. One of the key issues was corruption which leads to the purchase of low-quality machinery resulting inefficiency. When politicians deliver fake promises like “free electricity” or “cheap electricity” loss incurs, and the losses keep collecting eventually crippling the ability to provide electricity to the people. Now here is where UDAY comes. The central government has made clear that any loss DISCOMs incurs it is the state governments responsibility and hiding the loss in the DISCOMs account books is now impossible. If this works till 2019, we will overcome the power crisis.

We only hope that like Haryana other states too come up from the power crisis and turn India a developed country.