Amazing ! Prime Minister Narendra Modi Plans to Make a Big Announcement on January 2 Marking the 50 Day Period of Demonetisation

According to a news report published by Economic Times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be making an announcement on January 2. It is said to be the big announcement after the demonetization announcement that Modi made on November 8.

The report said that this time Modi will not make an announcement on the TV but at a rally in Lucknow as the Uttar Pradesh is heading towards assembly election.

After Narendra Modi made the demonetization announcement many corrupt will fear whenever Modi stands in front of the mike for an announcement. As per the information was given by senior BJP leaders, the Prime Minister has something in mind. It is assumed the idea would be something good for the citizen as he had asked for 50 day period in Goa after demonetization.

BJP leaders are expecting a massive crowd on January 2 as the excitement among the people are high as the 50 day period is about to end. The party has 1.38 lakh booth committees and each of it has up to 20 cadres and everyone is working on gathering more people.

BJP President Amit Shah is said to be holding several meetings with booth level workers. And it is anticipated to be a big show. Now BJP has devised various new strategies that are aimed to attract people with new digitalization plans and new schemes.

The party now aims to push the digitalization into the system and Booth level workers have been instructed to connect to the most isolated villages and link them with digital technology. The digitalization would help people directly benefit with various government schemes. Its focus is on marketing developmental schemes such as LPG, Farmer insurance, Electrification, a housing which was introduced by PM Modi. Schemes like E-Mandis, and crop insurance which has gained tremendous achievement in villages, BJP is planning to capitalise the success.