Amazing! Prime Minister Narendra Modi Captivating Speech Gandhinagar Railway Station, Hints Budget Allocation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his alluring speech and today, at Gandhinagar Railway Station, he divulged his futuristic vision for Indian Railways. Modi came to the city for Bhoomi pujan, and gave a captivating speech to remember.

He said that the development of Indian Railways has been the first priority of his government to carry out “qualitative change” in people’s lives. “NDA government has accorded topmost priority to the railways and to make our rail network modern. We want our railways to bring a qualitative difference in the lives of citizens,” said Modi at the Gandhinagar railway station complex.

The Prime Minister also hinted budget allocation for railway since it gives both ‘Gati’ (speed) and ‘Pragati’ (progress) to the nation. He also assured that the government was working to further facilitate this.

“Budget allocation to the Railway ministry has doubled and the money is used to develop the rail network. Gauge conversion is happening faster, Electrification of lines is taking place rapidly. Bio-toilets are also being developed,” said Modi.

Acknowledging the recent spate of railway accidents, PM Modi guaranteed his government will give increased focus on railway safety and will use state of the art technology. He also stressed the need to increase the capacity of the cargo of the Indian Railways.

The Prime Minister slammed the previous government for using Railway ministry as a bargaining chip for striking political alliances. “Earlier, railways was a sought after portfolio. Alliance partners joined governments on getting this portfolio. This is a bitter truth,” he said.