Amazing! Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Creates a Brilliant Plan to Promote Liquor Ban

Two days ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for implementing liquor prohibition policy in the state, and now Nitish is planning to promote the policy and raise awareness in Bihar.

According to reports he has decided to double up the length of a human chain planned to raise awareness on the issue. A human chain spanning 5,000 kilometres on January 21 muster the support among common people on prohibition policy. Gradually, the human chain will be spread over 11,000 kilometres.

As per Bihar government over two crore people will be participating in the event thus creating the world’s largest and biggest on any issue, and the government is ensuring the participation. However, at what time the human chain will be formed is not finalised but it will be for half and hour. The government has also approached ISRO to capture satellite images. Several drones and helicopters will be there for aerial photography in every district.

Anjani Kumar Singh, Bihar Chief Secretary said that the event will not only act as an endorsement of prohibition policy by the common man but it will also put psychological pressure on neighbouring states such as Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to implement the policy in any form soon.

“The state government is ensuring that the task of participation is not left with just state officials and there is voluntary participation from common people,” Singh said.

According to state government calculations, 2,000 people can hold each other’s hands in a radius of a kilometre. With the target of a number of people participating raised to two crores, the area required has been raised as well.