Amazing A K Antony just praised Modi on This issue! Hope Sonia will forgive him!!

Former Union Defence Minister and veteran Congress leader A K Antony on Saturday said the Congress party fully backs Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on Balochistan and added that party did not find any fault with stand.

“Neither me or my party find any fault with the Prime Minister’s statement on Balochistan,” Antony told reporters here. He, however, added that it was not the solution for Kashmir issue. The Prime Minister, speaking in his address on independence day, had vowed to take up the cause of Baloch people facing repression in Pakistan on the international stage, and said he had received many messages from them.

Modi said India had every right to respond to Pakistan’s provocations in Kashmir. Antony said as former Defence Minister he was fully aware that Pakistan was supporting terrorism in Kashmir. “But the government should not act as if it is not aware of the Kashmir people’s problems,” Antony said.