Akshay wins Us over by helping his first producer who had no money for kidney transplant!

Akshay Kumar is always in the forefront to help people in distress! and he rarely care for fame or media attention for his charity works! But this one is really special as he knew the person who is suffering in hospital is his first producer !

Akshay Kumar reach out to the families of Uri martyrs and offered them great help when the whole media houses were busy shedding crocodile tears for Pakistani artists and films! We all know the way he helped the poor farmers of Maharashtra who were suffering due to severe drought and was also offered financial aid to the farmers.

And this incident is really inspiring and heart touching!

A person named  Sanyog Shrivastava tweeted to Akshay Kumar that his first producer and good friend Mr. Ravi Shrivastava needs a kidney transplant 

Once a known name, Mr. Ravi Shrivastava is now forgotten.


Akshay Kumar’s first movie on the paper is Saugandh, but technically it was Dwarpaal. For some reason, Dwarpaal has always been on the shelf and never came out. He managed to get both of these movies while he was struggling with the help of Mr. Ravi Shrivastava. 

Image Source
Image Source

Mr. Ravi stands on the right to Akshay in the above picture.


The sad part is that Mr. Ravi who has been associated with more than 250 films now lives a life of poverty and could not afford a kidney transplant. But Akshay Kumar noticed the tweet and helped his old friend in no time. 

Mr. Ravi has been associated as a producer for a whopping 250 Bollywood movies. Apart from that, he has also designed posters for movies like Biwi Ho To Aisi, Teri Meherbaniyan, Hukumat, Tehelka. But now, he is forgotten.

A kidney transplant costs around 15-17 Lakhs and Akshay Kumar took care of it. More respect for the man.

News Source: Indian Express and story pick