This is what Aamir Khan has to say on Note Ban! “If this note ban is going to Affect my next Movie”…Then!

India has spoken against corruption and black money, After PM Modi’s historic decision , in two days according to the report from state bank of India alone, 2 lakh crore rupees were deposited to the bank! Meanwhile some section of media, crooked politicians and left wing activists were manipulating people’s mind and trying to undermine this great decision.

Almost everybody, which include bollywood, industries, farmers, students, teachers, professionals, scientists, various NGOs have welcome the decision of PM and many common men and women were ready to wait for another 50 days to end the menace of corruption and black money!

Meanwhile Popular film star and the one who often make controversies Mr. Aamir Khan has spoken about the decision and it would be interesting to hear his opinion , watch the video below and see how this note ban is going to affect him!!