A Must watch Video! This is how Narendra Modi managed Barkha in 1996!


This interview happened in the year 1996 when Gujarat BJP was all set to win the assembly election. That time Narendra Modi was the National General Secretary of BJP. In the video Barkha defining Narendra Modi as the de facto Chief Minister of Gujarat and a strong Keshubhai Loyalist!.

Its been 20 years BJP is the strongest national party and ruling whole of India with Prime Minister as Narendra Modi, whereas Barkha has become a laughing stock in front of everyone because of her anti indian activities. This video also shows a very young dynamic Narendra Modi who doesn’t have any fear in facing questions and his oratory is like ever flowing Ganga.

Barkha on the other hand trying to find out unnecessary issues inside BJP and sneaking into party affairs. The seed of a presstitute is already visible in Barkha. Watch video how Narendra Modi is destroying the typical presstitute questions of Barkha